In Praise Of Montreal's Segal's

My favourite grocery story in the city.
In Praise Of Montreal's Segal's

Photo cred - Aidan Whiteley

If you’re not shopping at Segal’s, you’re missing out on the best grocery shopping experience Montreal has to offer. No one else can match their price, experience, and overall jeu ne sais quois.

What they lack in appearance and selection, they more than make up for in affordability and charm. You won’t find high-end organic produce or unusual foods here, but you will get a solid selection of produce that’s always at a consistent level of quality. On top of that, they have a fairly impressive range of canned goods (including Kewpie, the world’s most delicious mayonnaise) that actually bests much of their pricier competition.

Their lack of bags might seem like an inconvenience, but it’s actually another charming feature of the joint. It’s an environmentally friendly decision that helps keep costs low and carbon footprints even lower. You can bring your own bag, or have the undeniably awesome experience of lugging your food home in one of their cardboard boxes.

As you pack your groceries into a box (how many other stores allow you to say that?), you’re always greeted by a friendly cashier who helps you get on your way. I’ve yet to do research into the hiring process at Segal’s, but it appears as if they consider friendliness to be an essential quality in a potential employee.

Given all of its wonderful features, it’s no surprise that there’s one part about Segal’s that’s less than desirable: the lines. If you come by anytime between 5 and close, you’re likely to be waiting to check out with quite a few other Montrealers.

Still, the wait is more than worth it for the price, vibe, and overall appeal at Segal’s. It’s everything you could want from a local grocery store, and there’s no finer place in the city for you to do your shopping.

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