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7 Breathtaking Hidden Swimming Spots In Montreal You Have To Go To With Your Friends

Come take a dip.
7 Breathtaking Hidden Swimming Spots In Montreal You Have To Go To With Your Friends

I don't know about you, but whenever it gets scorching hot out in the summer I crave swimming. All I want to do is find the closest pool of refreshing, blue water and jump is as quick as possible. Instead of sweating away in my humid apartment, I'd rather be floating in a shimmering, icy pool. Wouldn't you?

Well, August is known as the most humid and hot month of the summer in Montreal so if you're not craving that pool time yet, trust me you will be soon. Luckily for you Montreal has some secret swimming spots for just this occasion.

From hidden rooftop pools to secret lakes and sandy beaches you'll have unlimited options for the hot days ahead!

1. Hotel Bonaventure Rooftop Pool

Rooftop chilling. Words can't describe how awesome this city is!

A photo posted by Steven Schambach (@stevenshom) on

900 Rue de la Gauchetière O

This amazing rooftop pool is located in the centre of downtown Montreal. It has a full bar as well as a full menu for you to enjoy a drink and food while you're there! They're also open for night swims, so bring your friends and swim with a view of the twinkling city lights at night.

Check out their website for more information!

2. Cap St. Jacques Beach


A photo posted by Tristan (@tristxan) on

20099 Boulvard Gouin West

Did you guys know there was an amazing beach right here in Montreal? Well, there is! This beach is located in St. Jacques Nature Park and features some amazing activities you can enjoy as well as swimming! You can try canoeing, archery and an obstacle course, for an adventurous afternoon.

3. Parc Jean Drapeau Pool

Entraînement de natation tombé à l'eau, pcq'un kid a trop brossé la veille. ?? #évacuation #puke #fakjaitravaillémontan

A photo posted by sarahleroux (@sarahleroux) on

130 Chemin du Tour de l'isle

Located right on the island of Parc Jean Drapeau, this is the perfect swimming spot for a scorching summer day. This huge swimming complex features a competition-sized pool, a huge pool with a gradual slope, and a diving tank!

4. Secret McGill Pool

#mtl #pool #summer #notsosunnyday #chillinwithbooradley #chill #mcgill #mcgillpool

A photo posted by Allison De La Puenté (@allylhadwin) on

You most likely didn't know this, but there's a secret pool on Mont-Royal. It's known as the 'secret McGill pool' because it's located right near McGill Hospital. There's no real directions on how to get there, you just kind of have to figure it out for yourself. You can access it off Avenue du Pins or there's a secret pathway through Mont-Royal park off of Avenue du Parc.

I know that's not super helpful, but at least you know it's out there! Now all you have to do is put on your detective's cap and go find it!

5. Jean Drapeau Beach

Journée plus que parfaite avec les plus belles! @vane_sansregret @elodie_valois #paddleboard #summer #fub #beach #parcjeandrapeau

A photo posted by Roxane Joly ⚓ (@roxjoly) on

Parc Jean Drapeau

Parc Jean Drapeau has so much to offer! Not only do they have a huge public swimming pool, they also have a whole beach as well. You can relax under an umbrella, take a dip in the clear blue water, or try some water activities like paddle boarding or kayaking!

6. Le Crystal Rooftop Pool

This is where you will find me all afternoon @hotelcrystalmtl #rooftop #montreal #bonstjean

A photo posted by christian_dare (@christian_dare) on

1100 Rue de la Montagne

Okay, so this isn't a full pool per se, but it is a pretty large hot tub with an amazing view. If you're looking for a place to chill out and relax for a couple hours, this is an awesome place to do it! If you are looking for a full-sized pool to actually swim in, they have one indoors as well!

7. Île Bizard Nature Park

"Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain, cause life's greatest lessons are learned through pain." -unknown

A photo posted by Julia Hoare (@hoxre) on

Ile Bizard

This is an adorable little island located right next to Montreal. It has an amazing beach where you can get some gorgeous views of the sunset/sunrise, whichever you prefer. Or you can try their nature walks, kayaking, wildlife watching, or any number of activities!

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