Insane Montreal Wind Storm Sends Crashing "Ice Waves" Onto Pointe-Claire Shores (Video)

Eastern Canada's wind storm wreaks havoc on Quebec and Ontario.
Insane Montreal Wind Storm Sends Crashing "Ice Waves" Onto Pointe-Claire Shores (Video)

Damn, Mother Nature - you're intense! Have you felt that wind today?

It's no secret that the wind storms happening around eastern Canada have caused a whole slew of issues in a bunch of cities. 

In Toronto, the windstorm wreaked havoc on the city, and about 100,000 citizens in Ontario were left without power. 

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Montreal had similar issues. The wind storm hit us pretty hard last night and brought in some more snow. 

It also knocked out Hydro-Quebec's power to about thousands of people around Quebec and Montreal. 

The storm winds reached speeds of over 90 km/hr! 

This video right here shows just how strong the winds were, as they sent crashing waves onto the shorelines in Pointe-Claire yesterday evening.

Those are some intense winds, am I right?

Definitely not going to help any flooding issues this spring, which is already a severe problem for many people living off the island of Montreal. 

In Toronto, the windstorm uprooted trees, had cranes spinning around endlessly and even bent one crane completely over! 

Industrial accident Eglinton and Glen Erin crane just snapped like a twig

April 4, 2018

KFC also took a hit! 

@kfc you dropped a bucket!

April 4, 2018

The intense wind storm warnings have been lifted, but it is still incredibly windy out there... and it's also freezing too.

So bundle up and wear a good toque while we wait for spring to come back to us.

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