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Insane Sushi Art Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

Sushi artist Takayo Kiyota makes astounding and edible works of art.
Insane Sushi Art Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

Never underestimate the visual artistry that can be accomplished through food. Using sushi has her medium, makizushi ("rolled sushi") artist Takayo Kiyota demonstrates the awesome works of art that can be made using edible materials, in this case rice and sushi paper.

Layering colored rice into sushi paper, Kiyota's works of food art take huge amounts of precision and planning. Unlike regular portraits, she must think about how the image will be cut into, as it is the roll's cross-section that will create the image. It's hard to imagine the amount of trial-and-error which must go into sushi art, but the effort is worth it. Kiyota creates adorable and complex sushi-images of just about everything, from video game characters and famous paintings, to baby fetuses and naked men.

Check out Kiyota's wondrous works of food art below.

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source - Spoon & Tomago

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