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This Ridiculously Instagrammable Underwater Hotel Is The Ultimate Dream Vacation (Photos)

You've never seen a room like this.
This Ridiculously Instagrammable Underwater Hotel Is The Ultimate Dream Vacation (Photos)

It would take between 25-30 hours of air travel to get to the tropical nation of Maldives.

From the get-go, the destination itself is luxurious, due to the discrete and remote location. Although the air travel would be painful, the result would be 100% worth it. This world-class location is truly a tropical paradise.

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Located off the coast of Sri Lanka in the heart of the Indian Ocean this cluster of ring-shaped atolls is known for its tropical beaches, pristine turquoise water, and world-class luxury accommodations.

One luxury resort is creating accommodations that are truly unprecedented not only for the region but the world. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is a resort like no other.

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The only way to arrive at this secluded resort is by seaplane flight. So your adventure begins way before you even arrive.

With its breathtaking waterfront villas, this place truly embodies the meaning of refined luxury.  This is a dream.  Just check out a shot of this insane 430-meter infinity pool.

Via conradmaldives

As for rooms, you can choose from a selection of suites or signature villas to stay in. From the Sunset village to the Deluxe Beach Villa, there's a vacation home suited for everyone's taste.

Via conradmaldives

Via conradmaldives

But for the true "piece de resistance" we have the MURAKA Suite, which is set to open later in 2018.

Nestled in a private area of the shimmering lagoon this breathtaking suite is a first-of-its-kind residence featuring fully integrated living, dining, entertaining and sleeping above and below the Indian Ocean with unobstructed views at every turn.

Via conradmaldives

Via conradmaldives

Via conradmaldives

Muraka, meaning coral in the native language of Dhivehi is an embodiment of how the villa lives and thrives among the natural landscape of the Indian Ocean. Bet you can't believe your eyes? Neither could I the first time I saw it, but you better believe this place is REAL.

Oh, and don't think you're paying 50K a night just for the room. No. This price tag buys you the full experience.

The MURAKA experience is completed with a dedicated team of butlers "at your beck and call"  24-hours a day.

Now that's what I call, the whole package.

For more info and stunning photos of all the villas and suites at the Conrad Maldives, click HERE.

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