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Instagram And Facebook Are Down And Twitter Can’t Cope

Twitter is losing their minds over #InstagramDown
Instagram And Facebook Are Down And Twitter Can’t Cope

It’s like Instagram and Facebook are just toying with us now. Once again the photo and video sharing service owned by Facebook is having major issues. 

In fact, on both platforms, images are failing to load, videos aren’t playing, and it’s chaos in the world.

The issues were first reported this morning at approx. 8:45 am EST. Some users reported not being able to access Instagram at all. The horror!

Trying to embed any media on our site left us with errors. For other users, Instagram media was rarely appearing, sometimes just showing a simple message of “No Photo description available” or what looked like media tags such as “Image may contain drink or indoor.” 

Twitter users were the first to report issues with the hashtag #instagramdown.

As you can imagine there was a mix of anger, disappointment and 'here we go again' attitudes. But really, what is a person to do if we can't post pictures of our food? Or see food others have posted?

Users are also complaining of issues with Facebook and WhatsApp. The technological term being thrown around is 'buggy'.  A Facebook rep has yet to make an announcement. 

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According to some reports, Instagram's July 3rd issues could be related to yesterday's outage at Cloudflare that caused multiple sites to go down including the dating site OKCupid and software site discord. 

But really. This leaves us with only one question: if we don't exist on Instagram, do we even really exist? 

Check out the trending hashtag #Instagramdown on Twitter.

To read Variety's take on the semi-outage, head to their article here.

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