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Intense Storm In Southern Quebec Could Dump Up To 15cm Of Snow In Some Areas

Now the rainstorm doesn't seem so bad, does it?
Snowfall In Quebec Possible Amid Intense Storm, Environment Canada Warns

Environment Canada is warning that significant snowfall is coming to Southern Quebec today in a recent Snowfall Warning. While most of Southern Quebec is dealing with intense rain and ongoing power outages right now, the Laurentians have another problem to worry about: snow.

Yes, while the rest of us complain about a rainfall warning, up in the Laurentians they're being warned to prepare for up to 15cm of snow over the course of today and tomorrow.

Environment Canada issued the snowfall warning this morning around 9 a.m., with advice to citizens in the affected areas. They indicate that drivers in the region should "adjust" their driving with "changing road conditions" brought on by the snow.

Environment Canada also notes that "accumulating snow could make travel difficult," depending on the region and that there is always the risk of reduced visibility once the fluffy white stuff starts to come down.

Snowfall warnings are only issued when "significant snowfall is expected," and with 15 cm expected to come down over the next day or so, I think it's fair to say this qualifies as significant.

Here is a storm radar map, provided by Environment Canada, showing the already intense storm that is moving across southern Quebec.

[rebelmouse-image 26888958 photo_credit="Environment Canada" expand=1 original_size="587x510"] Environment Canada

"Persons in or near this area should be on the lookout for adverse weather conditions and take necessary safety precautions," the agency states.

This 36-hour weather forecast is for the region of l'Étape, near the Laurentians Wildlife Reserve.

[rebelmouse-image 26888959 photo_credit="Environment Canada" expand=1 original_size="1140x346"] Environment Canada

Other areas mentioned in the Snowfall warning include the Apica Mountain area and the Grands-Jardins area.

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Some regions have already seen snow this fall in Quebec, though this would mark the first real dump of snow for the season.

We were given an updated winter weather forecast this week, courtesy of AccuWeather, which did indicate that Quebec was going to see a lot of snow this winter.

Luckily, we're apparently in for a normal winter, temperature-wise... and, personally, I'll take extreme snow over extreme cold any day.

Stay tuned for updates!

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