HHKMTL: Where Legends are Born, A Documentary On One Of Montreal's Most Popular Monthly Events

Hip Hop Karaoke at Le Belmont is a magical event. A  gathering of like minded music lovers looking to express themselves in a judgement-free zone, all through the magic of hip-hop tunes, HHK has no equivalent in Montreal. If you've never been, or never heard of HHK, you've been missing out on one of Montreal's most unique events.

Everyday Joes and Janes all across Montreal flock to Le Belmont each month to rap their hearts out. People who have been to HHK know the all-around awesome vibes HHK always emits. Everyone is super supportive, looking to have a good time, and just want to enjoy some amateur MC'ing.

To all those who have never attended HHK, you can experience the magic of the monthly event in the comfort of your chair, as we introduce "HHKMTL: Where Legends are Born," a short documentary on the infamous meet-up. Telling the tales of three unrelated strangers who found their home at HHK, the documentary provides a window into the warm fuzzies HHK provides anyone who wants to go up and just have fun, showcasing the supportive community of individuals who make HHK great. Check it out below, and on the HHK YouTube channel here.


Excited for HHK now? The next event will be on Thursday January 23rd, at Le Belmont, as always. January's theme will be the "Hustler's edition," focusing on songs by rappers who hustled their way to the top of the music scene. Any and everyone is encouraged to partake, and all the info can be found on the Facebook event page, and HHK's official website.

Will you be hitting up HHK?