Introducing The Bacon Donut At Tim Hortons

Let the duel of the donuts begin.
Introducing The Bacon Donut At Tim Hortons

Not all donuts are created equal, and Tim Hortons is pitting customer-created donuts against each other in a nation-wide $10, 000 grand prize contest dubbed "Dueling Donuts." The concept is simple, head to the official website, create your own digital-donut flavour, and your idea may become part of the Tim Hortons menu, while also getting you a bunch of cash.

Each week, a new theme is chosen, and contestants must craft a donut in line with the flavour profile. Each week a panel of judges will then choose winners who will go onto the next stage of the contest. Last year, 8 donuts made it to the final round, with Tortoise Torte winning the grand prize.

Dueling Donut's theme for this week is "savoury," meaning you can get a little salty with your donut design. To inspire contestants, Tim Hortons released the video below, which features a savoury donut topped and filled with bacon. Yes, that's right, mothertruckin' bacon. We hope to JC this donut is in the running, 'cuz damn we could use more bacon in our lives. Check it out below.

Be sure to head to create your own signature donut. You may become 10k richer.

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