Is An Anti-Bullying Legislation The Solution To The Cyberbullying Problem?

One of many dark sides to the internet.
Is An Anti-Bullying Legislation The Solution To The Cyberbullying Problem?

Who hasn't been bullied in their life? This isn't an invitation to play “Never have I ever,” we might be drunk for work. Jokes aside, bullying is a serious problem for many kids. Bullying online has made things even worse, as the youth are subjected to virtual torment all day and from anyone, even outside of school. Bullying on its own is hard enough, but facing it when you are in the comfort of your home makes the issue even more serious.

The anti-bullying legislation that is proposed

The misuse of photos, foul language, and insults made on any online platform has caused a lot of commotion over the years, and has been brought to the attention of our government. Justice Minister Peter MacKay and Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney present a new legislation. Perpetrators that use intimate photographs as blackmail will be pressed with charges. This new bill will give law enforcers more tools to limit, and hopefully eliminate, online bullying. The police will be given right to act only with a warrant and will not be able to have access to subscriber information.

"Intimate pictures" are described as images that show individuals engaged in explicit sexual activities or that depict a sexual organ, anal region, or breasts.

The bill will also:

• Direct judges to consider prohibiting offenders from using the Internet for a period of time.

• Authorize judges remove intimate images from websites.

• Authorize judges to order offenders to cover the costs of removing images .

• Allow the courts to seize the computers and mobile devices used in the offence.

Keep in mind these regulations will also be applied to areas beyond bullying, if applicable

Former Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard lended his voice earlier today as a huge supporter of this legislation, as he was bullied as a child. He released a short two min. video.

Kids from Nova Scotia to British Colombia have been victim of Cyberbullying and have gone all the way to committing suicide, such as the tragic case of Todd Loik. But it does not only affect Canada. People all around the world use social media, thus cyberbullying is something everyone in the world has heard and can be subjected to. It is now time to stop this plague that runs through our machines and use our time for the better.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated in the spring that this problem would stop being one, and that a cyberbullying law would be put in place. Finally something a politician  said is being done.

Have you ever been Bullied? Let us know your story and tell us if you think this bill will prove to be righteous?