Is It Safe To Drink The Tap Water In Montreal?

Let's face it, everyone wants to know.
Is It Safe To Drink The Tap Water In Montreal?

Ask around, people are seriously concerned about this. Which isn't surprising when you come across reports that say that the place where we get our drinking water is 40,000 times more contaminated than it normally is.

But obviously, we don't just stick a bunch of hoses in the river and use that water directly, the water gets treated first. But the question remains: is the water really that safe to drink?

The simple answer is yes.City officials have stated several times that the drinking water isn't going to be affected by the ongoing raw sewage dump.

There are 6 drinking water plants on the island of Montreal where the water is filter and disinfected. The water is routinely tested for quality and if there were any problems at all, the city would have released an advisory to start boiling your water. So far the city hasn't sent out any warnings

So go ahead, have a drink and stop being so paranoid.


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