This Is How Dangerous The Chemical Found In Tim Hortons Canada Food Really Is

What researchers are saying.
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This Is How Dangerous The Chemical Found In Tim Hortons Canada Food Really Is

On Monday, social media exploded with the news that some Tim Hortons donuts contain a potentially dangerous chemical known as glyphosate, an ingredient in popular weed-killers.

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While Kraft and Oreo products also contain traces of the chemical, Canadians felt most betrayed that such an iconic company like Tim Hortons would serve potentially contaminated food.

The news was the latest in a string of bad announcements for the once-favourite Canadian company.

For many, the news confirmed what they had already believed, mistakenly or not, about Tims.

In a statement, the company maintained that the traces of glyphosate did not pose a threat to consumers.

In fact, consumed in large quantities, glyphosate has been tied to cancerous tumors in animals. 

According to Healthline, glyphosate is, indeed, a potential carcinogen. Though, the evidence that links the chemical to cancer in humans is less substantial.

In some studies, glyphosate has also been shown to complicate pregnancies, interfere with the digestive system, and lead to kidney disease.

Keep in mind that the subjects of these studies were farmers with long exposure to herbicides.

The traces in Tim Hortons food is unlikely to harm customers in small quantities.

Though, corporate producers of glyphosate often influence research on the chemical, skewing results in their favour.

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In sum, evidence exists that glyphosate is dangerous for humans in large quantities. More research needs to be done. In the meantime, maybe try to avoid eating hundreds of donuts over a short period of time.


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