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Is Tim Hortons' XL Coffee The Same Size As A Large Coffee?

The internet puts it to the test.
Is Tim Hortons' XL Coffee The Same Size As A Large Coffee?

Photo cred - Javin Lau

We all love Tim Hortons. Even though we all may shit on Canada's most popular coffee shop now and again (or more frequently) no one can deny that Tims holds a dear place in our collective hearts. Otherwise that whole Burger King kerfuffle wouldn't have been big news at all. We love Tims, but does Tims love us enough to be honest, transparent, and never rip us off? Doesn't look like it.

A somewhat recent change to the TH menu over the last few years has been the new cup sizes, which many refer to as Tims' "American sizes." Mediums became smalls, large turned into medium, and so on, with the new addition of a 24-ounce XL size. Larger, at least in height, the XL is also skinnier than the regular large, making some wonder if the XL is just a visual trick, and just a ripoff.

DIY Tech took to YouTube and created a video testing whether or not the XL is a scam. See their findings in the video below.

As a response, Orangefuzz did the experiment in reverse, filling up an XL and putting the container's fluid into a large. Check out the counter-experiment below.

So looks like we have some conflicting findings here. To quell the controversy, CBC stepped in and explained how two videos with opposite findings can exist. CBC points out that what's essential to the size is the "fill-up" line a centimetre below the top of every Tims cup, which is where TH-staff stop pouring. The first video goes well above that line when filling up the large cup, and CBC's own experiment found the XL cup to have an extra four ounces of coffee-space.

The conclusion: the XL isn't a ripoff, so long as Tims employees are following the company's pouring guidelines. Besides, do you really need that extra 4 ounces of coffee anyway? What am I saying, of course you do, you beautiful coffee addict.

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