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ISIS Is Claiming Responsibility For The Toronto Mass Shooting

Shooter is said to be a soldier for the Islamic State.
ISIS Is Claiming Responsibility For The Toronto Mass Shooting

Recent reports indicate that Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the mass shooting that took place in Toronto on Sunday.

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The shooter who was identified as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain was reportedly a soldier for the Islamic State, but so far there isn't any evidence to prove that.

Hussain had been visited by the authorities in the past because he had been spending time on been websites that support ISIS. His family says that he struggled with mental health challenges, psychosis and depression his entire life. 

2 people lost their lives and another 13 people were injured in the attack on The Danforth.

Toronto Police are still investigating and so far they haven’t confirmed or denied any claims that this was a terrorist attack. They say they cannot make any conclusions until they can figure out what the motive was for the attack.


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