It Snowed Last Night In Canada And It Looks Like A Winter Wonderland (Photos)

WTF mother nature?
It Snowed Last Night In Canada And It Looks Like A Winter Wonderland (Photos)

It's officially October and that means fall is here! This season is so spectacular – with weather that isn't too hot or cold and the changing of the leaves. Here in Montreal, you can see the fall foliage and appreciate the cool breeze as the day slowly gets a little warmer. 

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TL;DR The residents of Calgary woke up to their city covered in snow this morning. Take a look at the crazy photos!

Unfortunately, that is not the case for residents of Calgary! Just yesterday, Alberta and BC were warned of a snowfall... that's right SNOW in October! It skipped from summer right into winter. Seriously what is with this crazy weather?! 

Environment Canada had issued this warning, with most areas expecting 10-25cm and some areas having up to 45cm of snow! That makes for some truly messy and disastrous roads. 

Even with this warning, I'm sure folks in Calgary were not expecting to wake up to a Winter Wonderland this morning. 

The photos below are truly unbelievable! 

Nevermind fall foliage... there's snow on the trees!

Imagine waking up to this?! At least that guy had his ice scraper ready.

Hopefully they weren't planning on sitting outside today...

This guy is pissed...can you blame him? 

The whole city looks like a Winter Wonderland... in fall. 

Fa la la la... fall has disapeared. 

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