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It Will Be 13 Degrees Next Week In Montreal

One more snowfall and we're freeeeeee!
It Will Be 13 Degrees Next Week In Montreal

Yeah, yeah, earlier today we told you that it'll snow this weekend and people are naturally pissed at us.

We know, it sucks, but please don't blame us for reporting the weather. If you really want to yell at something, yell at the sky. Trust me, you'll look great doing it and it'll make you feel better. 

You like good news, though, right? Oh yeah, that's the good stuff. Good weather is even better than good news, you say? Well, we have a treat for you!

According to The Weather Network, it'll be 13 degrees next Thursday in Montreal! You know what that means people, terrace season is almost here! Woooo. 

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TL;DR  The weather forecast for Montreal is looking to be bright and sunny next week. The highlight? Thursday, it'll be 13 degrees! This is amazing news! Super stoked. 

Let's be honest, we're all fed up with bad weather. Here at MTL Blog, we're even more fed up of reporting snowstorms and ice storms and whatever other garbage weather is coming our way.

We don't want to report this stuff, just as much as you don't want to read about it, ok? 

@photowalkmontrealembedded via  

We want flowers, terraces, and outdoor events more than anyone, believe us! And we're almost there, Montreal! 

Thursday, April 4th will officially be the nicest day of the season with temperatures projected to reach 13 degrees!

Time to bust out the peacoats and white sneakers. 

Via The Weather Network

If you ignore the crappy weekend weather, you can see that next week is going to be spectacular starting on Tuesday. Does this mean that the bad weather is finally over? We shall see. 

La belle saison commence Montreal! Let's enjoy it while it lasts because it'll all be over before you know it. 


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