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It's Actually Going To Snow In Montreal This Week

The first snowfall of the year!
It's Actually Going To Snow In Montreal This Week

Five days ago Montreal was breaking heat records and it actually felt like summer in the city.

But now the temperature is dropping quickly, and if you think it's cold out there this morning, I have some bad news. Things are about to get a whole lot colder...

...and snowier.

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TL;DR Temperatures are going to drop to 0ºC on Thursday night. Montreal should be seeing the first snow of the year. Less than 1cm of snow is expected.

According to The Weather Network the temperature is going to drop starting Wednesday night and by Thursday night it's going to be freezing in Montreal. 

But that's not the bad news. 

The bad news is that we're also expecting some light rain all week long in Montreal which means that overnight Thursday that rain is going to turn to snow!

Via Theweathernetwork

At least we're luckier than the rest of the country. Many places in Canada have already been hit with full blown snow storms, but we're only expecting about a centimeter of snow and it's probably going to melt before you wake up. 


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