It's Going To Be 5°C In Montreal Tomorrow

How is this even possible?
It's Going To Be 5°C In Montreal Tomorrow

Yes, you read that title correctly.

I know it seems impossible after the week we've had already, but somehow the weather is going to do another sudden leap from winter to spring, and back to winter again.

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This crazy pattern has been causing chaos on the roads in Quebec. The Surete du Quebec has even issued a "Black Ice Warning" on Twitter this morning. 

La pluie hivernale et les conditions climatiques changeantes peuvent causer la formation de glace noire, une glace difficile à détecter et extrêmement glissante. Adaptez votre conduite aux conditions météorologiques et routières. #SécuritéRoutiè

February 7, 2019

Last Sunday it was -11°C, Monday it was -3°C, Tuesday it was +6°C, yesterday was -10°C, andFriday is going to be +5°C. 

Then on Saturday once everything is melted, the temperature is going to drop back down to -10°C. 

Via The Weather Network

It's no wonder the roads, highways and sidealks are a mess, everything keep melting and freezing back up again. And just to make things a little more challeging we keep getting hit with these waves of freezing drizzle. 

Something's gotta give! 

The only thing you can take comfort in is the fact that we're not expeting any major snowfalls in the next week, so at least that's one less thing to worry about. 


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