It's Going To Be A Lot Warmer In Montreal Tomorrow

Last week we saw the return of The Pissed Off Weatherman when there were rumors that it was actually going to snow. As I was writing that article, I never actually thought I'd be seeing snow. But when I woke up Saturday morning I was greeted by a most unholy nightmare. That's right, motha fuckin' snow.

Well the good news is that we won't be stuck in perpetual vortex of cold misery just yet, we still have few warm days ahead of us.

Tomorrow, the sun won't just be for show, it'll actually heat things up a little. Unlike this current misleading weather, it's actually going to be warm out.

Remember I said warm, not hot. But still,  14 degrees isn't anything to frown at considering how few warm days we have left.

Photo cred - theweathernetwork