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It's Going To Be As Hot As Spring This Weekend In Montreal

"It's beginning to look a lot (less) like Christmas"
It's Going To Be As Hot As Spring This Weekend In Montreal

Just when we thought we might be in for some warm days once again, the weather is back to fool us. No one ever said dealing with Montreal weather was easy, but this back and forth between sweater weather and freezing cold snow storms needs to come to an end!

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TL;DR The Weather Network has reported that temperatures both today and Wednesday will be below freezing at a low of -12°C. Later in the week, beginning on Friday, temperatures become warmer reaching 7°C followed by rain storms.

So, prepare yourselves for the next few days. Over the course of today we'll be seeing temperatures as cold as -12°C. You might think that we finally have a chance at a white Christmas again, unfortunately you're wrong.

Via The Weather Network

Although it's expected that there'll be absolutely zero chance of snow, it's important to still prepare for the icy conditions both today and tomorrow, which will reach -7°C.

After the next few days of cold temperatures, Mother Nature is deciding to hit us with a surprise and make things pretty warm out of nowhere.

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The most shocking is definitely this Friday, which will see a high of 7°C accompanied by rain storms. Saturday will also be warmer than usual at 4°C with on and off showers throughout the day.

This weather is extremely shocking for everyone, but we can probably all agree that not having to deal with the freezing cold while doing our last minute holiday errands is probably a relief. 

Who knows, maybe the beginning of the New Year has quite a few more spring-like days in store. Stay tuned for more information on breaking weather announcements.


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