It's Going To Be Freezing In Montreal Tomorrow

It does not seem to ever end.
It's Going To Be Freezing In Montreal Tomorrow

Photo cred - Jason Cowell

Enjoy the day while you can because it's about to get a lot colder and just like every year, as soon as we get a taste of warm weather, we suddenly get all sensitive to the slightest bit of cold. Well the bad news is that this evening, temperatures are going to drop to -13 overnight and tomorrow it's going to be -7 all day. So you'd better get rid of all that slush in your entrance or driveway now or you'll be be stuck with frozen chunks of ice everywhere tomorrow.

The rest of the week is going to be slightly warmer which means you should be careful where you park your car this time of the year. With the thaw and freeze, ice chunks are more likely to fall from rooftops and damage your car. This means you should also be careful and keep your eyes open when walking down the street to make sure you don't get hit in the head with a pile of snow.

Photo cred - theweathernetwork