It's Going To Be Hotter Than Ever Across Canada This Summer

Well, this is exciting! I think? I guess it depends on who you ask. 

Some news about the coming forecast for summertime across Canada has me feeling pretty stoked and ready to chill poolside with some Sangria. 

Still, we got a little ways to go - and if today is any indication, it might be awhile (totally not feeling this cold, today).

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David Phillips, Canada's top weather expert has come out with the latest predictions for the coming Canadian summer season, and it sounds promising!

Environment Canada's senior climatologist says that current weather projections are showing that Canadians should expect hotter-than-normal weather conditions in summer 2018, across the whole country. 

From "coast-to-coast", in fact, Phillips predicts that higher temperatures will be seen, and notes the higher temperatures forecasted for the U.S. as well, indicating the increase of temperatures up here in Canada. 

Phillips also added that the only area showing cooler temperatures is that of northern Quebec, moving up into Nunavut.

Still, it's worth mentioning that David Phillips has said if this summer is to be hotter than average, it will be, in part, due to warm air and winds coming from southern North America. 

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As for eastern Canada, the summertime heat will be joined, again, by increased humidity and a higher chance and percentage of thunderstorms (yay!).

As a prairie-boy, thunder and lightning storms are something I truly love to watch - and I, personally, could stand for more of these!

After what ended up being one of the coldest winters,with more snow than usual, a favorable summer season is due in Montreal, and Canada alike! Let's just hope this doesn't take too long!

Montreal's 2017 temperatures in June and July saw an average of about +24-+26 degrees, so if it's going to be hotter this year, expect humidity to be the culprit. 

While I am enthusiastic about the increased summertime heat, I don't know how I feel about more humidity. 

However, I will take this lightly, as Phillips himself noted that he also predicted a warmer spring in Canada, too - and we all saw how that has been turning out. 

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