It's Going To Be Super Cold In Montreal Next Week

This is your last chance to enjoy summer!
It's Going To Be Super Cold In Montreal Next Week

After a long Montreal summer that basically consisted of staying inside and hiding out from the unbelievable heat, it's obvious that most of us are looking forward to a new season offering cool temperatures, shorter days and a chance to show off your favourite sweaters.

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Summer will still be missed though. As the city prepares for the arrival of winter in a few months, many of us think back to our memories of warmer days. Hopefully you did everything on your summer bucketlist, considering your next opportunity to relax on the beach or sport an ice cold fruity drink won't be until next year, right?

Well, surprise! You may have one more chance this year to do all of your favourite summer activities.

Yes, the hot and sunny season will be returning for the last time this weekend. You may want to start planning some fun outdoor activities. Your future self a few months from now will thank you.

According to The Weather Network, this is really the last weekend we'll be seeing hot temperatures. Both Saturday and Sunday are looking like they'll be 28°C, although it will feel like we're experiencing heatwaves all over again that go into the mid-30s.

It may sound like the perfect weekend to beat the heat and stay inside, but after these next couple days every other weekend of 2018 will be seeing temperatures in their teens and below. 

The warmest day we'll see next week will only be 17°C 

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What better way to make up for anything you ran out of time to do this summer? It's like Mother Nature is giving you one last chance to have fun in the sun before winter basically eats the city whole.

If you really aren't into insane heat not to worry! After this weekend only autumn-like days are expected to be hitting Montreal. So maybe it's time to officially start planning some spooky adventures just in time for the season.

Have a great last day of summer, Montreal!


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