It's Going To Rain For Four Straight Days In Montreal This Week

Are you there, Suimmer? It's me, a Montrealer.
It's Going To Rain For Four Straight Days In Montreal This Week

The only thing worse than rain is when it's raining and it's muggy. So that any attempt to cover myself from the precipitation results in perspiration as a result of my attempted coverings. Why.

I don't know, maybe it's just me but that's what I went through this morning on the way to work and let me just say, I was not feeling it.

So I was even more NIM (not in the mood) to find out that this is what I can expect this whole week. Just me and my muggy morning metro rides.

In Montreal, we already got a significant amount of rainfall over Monday night and into Tuesday morning, but it looks like we can expect more of the wet stuff throughout the week and into the weekend.

The Weather Network

Wednesday will be our one reprieve, so if you're looking to enjoy some much-needed park time, tomorrow is the day to do it.  

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But, as is evident from the forecast above, the sun will soon leave us and it's going to be four straight days of rain. 

The POP (probability of precipitation) for Thursday is 40%, so we could get lucky? But the other three days are likely no-question, bring your umbrella kind of days, considering the POP is 60% for both Saturday and Sunday and 70% on Friday.

Even worse, we're looking at 2, maybe 4 hours of sun most of these days, as well. So get ready to embrace the darkness, and maybe cozy up on the couch to take in a Netflix Original or two, because it's gunna be dreary. 

In the rest of Quebec, you can expect much of the same. While it is somewhat muggy, we are actually seeing below-seasonal temperatures when you factor in the fact that we're into the second week of June.

Usually, we'd be seeing an average of 23°C in the Montreal area, according to The Weather Network, but the average this week is only 20°C.

To read the full weekly forecast head to The Weather Network here. To watch the video forecast of the storm patterns headed our way, click here.