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It's Going To Snow In Montreal Next Week... Seriously

I honestly wish this was a joke. 

Or maybe someone at Accuweather got drunk last night and made a huge mistake because this can't possibly be true.

There is actually some SNOW in the forecast for Monday!!!

Here we are, waking up to a cold grey morning after being spoiled with 30°C weather. Then tomorrow we have to deal with rainy weekend and when Monday comes along, we'll be greeted with some goddamn snowflakes. As if Monday wasn't shitty enough as is.

Photo cred - Accuweather

But in the end it's weather like this that makes Montreal's weather so unique and ... well, funny.

Now let's all have a laugh and remember that it is Friday after all so if it rains you'll just have an excuse to sleep-in longer.

Have a great weekend! 

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