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It's Going To Snow In Quebec Even Earlier Than Expected

Say it ain't snow!
It's Going To Snow In Quebec Even Earlier Than Expected

After a lot of crazy up and downs with the weather in Quebec, we're pretty glad that September is finally coming to an end.

It was getting really difficult to figure out how to dress every day because you just never knew if you needed a winter coat, an umbrella capable of withstanding hurricane force winds, or shorts and a t-shirt.

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TL;DR Snow is expected in Quebec during the last week of October.

Last week we were breaking heat records in Montreal, and 10 days later we were 2C off from breaking the cold record.

Now we have October to look forward. Nothing but pretty colored leaves, Halloween decorations and... SNOW?!

Yup, sadly for all of us Quebec will be getting some snow a little sooner than expected. According to Accuweather, the first snowfall was expected after the 5th of November, but according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Quebec will start seeing flurries before Halloween.

Via Almanac

Thankfully it won't be the kind of snow that will stick around very long. But still, the first flurries of the year means winter is officially coming and no amount of denial will stop that from happening.

And in case you're paranoid about what the rest of winter has in store check out the complete winter forecast for Canada right here.


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