It's Going To Snow On Saturday And Sunday In Montreal

This morning it may only be 1°C in Montreal, but considering the winter we've had this year it honestly felt like heaven. Tomorrow is going to be even nicer and warmer. We're expecting a high of 8°C with a mix of sun and clouds which is just the perfect way to end the week.  

Too bad this weekend's weather is going to be horrible. 

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It's not going to be freezing, but we are expecting some rain as well as some snow on both Saturday and Sunday.

Via The Weather Network

On Saturday it's going to be 2°C and we can expect 20mm of rain and 1-3 cm of snow.

Then on Sunday we're getting more of the same. The high will be 4°C and the forecast calls for 2cm-4cm of snow to fall over Montreal. 

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We do have some good news however, by this time next week, Montreal will be enjoying double digit temperatures! 

We’re expecting 10°C on Wednesday and 13°C on Thursday. 

Hang in there guys. It's almost over.  


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