It's Official, Beyond Meat Burgers Are Back At A&W Canada Today

Who knows how long they'll be available for!
It's Official, Beyond Meat Burgers Are Back At A&W Canada Today

Since the Beyond Meat Burgers were officially released at A&W Canada earlier this year, they've become a massive food trend for both vegans and non-vegans.

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TL;DR The Beyond Meat Burger is officially back in A&W Canada restaurants today after taking a hiatus for a few months in the summer. There's no word on how long the burgers will be available this time.

It's main selling-point, the fact that it "bleeds" similar to a meat-based burger, is what attracted most of the attention. Seriously, by just looking at it you wouldn't be able to tell it was 100% plant-based.

Needless to say, people were pretty disappointed to find out the burger quickly sold out in a matter of weeks. With no official word from A&W Canada for a few weeks, we were all left in the dark as to when the burger would be back in restaurants.

To everyone's surprise, just last month it was officially announced that the burger would be returning to stores this October 1. 

Well, A&W Canada has kept their promise as the burgers are in restaurants today!

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For those that were super desperate to get their hands on one of these plant-based burgers, there were a few select locations across Montreal that carried them over the weekend, although it was super secret with no official confirmation yet. Starting today the burgers will be available at any location.

There's no word on how long they'll last this time, and whether or not the burgers will be taking a hiatus again anytime soon. Your best bet is to take advantage of their return before they surprisingly disappear for weeks again.

There's no better excuse to treat yourself to one of these unique burgers today!


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