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It's Official, It's Currently Snowing More In Canada Than Siberia

A contest we really weren't trying to win.
It's Official, It's Currently Snowing More In Canada Than Siberia

Canada already has quite the reputation for having brutal, unforgiving winters. With snowstorms already taking over places such as Calgary in past weeks, you can't help but agree that this winter is not going to be an easy one.

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TL;DR Thanks to below average temperatures across Canada last month, it's been confirmed that the country is currently out-snowing Siberia. It will continue to snow on the east coast of Canada later this week.

But what if I told you Canada might be having the WORST winter in the whole world? You'd probably think I'm overexaggerating, but unfortunately it may actually be true.

The Weather Network has officially announced that as of now Canada is out-ranking the "King of Winter." Who might that be you ask?

Well, it's Siberia. Our country is currently more snow-filled than the bone-chilling, hell-frozen-over region. If that doesn't make you terrified for this upcoming winter then nothing will.

You may be wondering how this could even happen. In part it has to do with how persistent the cold pattern in North America was last month. Temperatures remained on average 10 degrees below the seasonal average. Alberta even broke records for snowfall.

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Of course, it also has to do with how the weather has been across the ocean. Snow cover in Eurasia is currently below average for the time of year, meaning Siberia literally gave Canada the chance to surpass them in snow coverage.

To put it into numbers, Canada currently has approximately 7.90 million km² snow cover. Siberia on the other hand only has 7.15 million km².

Although you may have thought things would turn around in terms of a looming Canadian Ice Age, it just isn't the case. The west coast will be warming up as the month continues, but that's only because the cold front is being pushed towards the east.

Expect snowy conditions in eastern provinces over the next week as we continue to battle (unwillingly) Siberia for the champion title.

Stay tuned for more updates on Canada's weather.


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