It's Official, Canada Ranked #1 Leader In The "Free World"

The biggest theme in the media for the last few weeks has been the topic of immigration. President Trump's immigration ban was blocked by a federal judge this week,  but it looks like the case will be making it all the way to the supreme court.

But it's not just the US making their immigration policies harsher. It's happening everywhere around the world according to The New York Times.

Everywhere except of course, Canada.

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Even though the rest of the world is becoming more unwelcoming and hostile, Canada's arms are wide open. In fact, we're so hospitable, Canadian citizens aren't asking the government to close the borders, we're actually asking for more refugees.

Canada's immigration minister, who was actually a refugee himself, has stated that the biggest criticism he faces is that he needs to bring in more Syrian refugees.

And, fun fact, there are actually more Sikhs in Canada's cabinet than in India's.

Currently, nearly 1 in 5 Canadians are visible minorities, and by 2036, almost half of Canada's population will be made up of immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

It's number like these that have prompted The New York Times to say that Canada is leading the free world.

I believe it's about time for the US to ship over the statue of Liberty to Canada because we obviously deserve it more.