It's Official, Canada Ranked For "Best Students" In The World

Everyone likes to tell any person under the age of 20 that they'll never amount to anything if they keep their noses stuck to those electronics. Well prepare to shove this into their face and declare victory.

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The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a survey that happens every three years and covers nearly 28 million 15-year-old students over 72 countries. It takes them about two whole years to compile the results and their reports have garnered an international reputation.

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Their survey evaluates six aspects overall and determines how they fare against the average. They evaluate student's performance in:




They also examine the equity level between:

1)Boys and Girls

2)Immigrant Students

3)Social backgrounds

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The best news to take away from this report is that Canadian students were the only ones to be ranked as above average in every single category along with being in the top five in all the categories except one (math). Other countries of note were Switzerland, Denmark, and Japan.

The children that took part in this study are now 17 years old and will be headed into their fist year of CEGEP or their senior year of high school. So if you have a brother or sister in that age range, watch out because their head might be inflating a little more.

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For more information as well as the full report you can check out PISA's website right here.