It's Official, Canada Will Be The Biggest Producer Of Marijuana In The World

One of Justin Trudeau's most notorious and notable campaign promises was that he was going to legalize marijuana completely. Well with that legislation being more a question of "when" than "if", Canada seems poised to become a real leader in this domain.

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Sure there are already loads of countries with that kind of legislation in place but what they lack is Canada's potential to expand. Both in terms of innovation and job creation. More and more Canadians and people abroad are buying (or at least trying to buy) their medical products from Canada given the lower prices.

With reports coming in from all over the world about how effective medicinal marijuana is at treating certain chronic illnesses without the overdose danger or addiction of prescription drugs, Canada's footprint in this market can only grow exponentially. 

via @chinarabutler

This is an exciting chance that the Canadian medical market needs to get a head start on in order to get a real foothold in the international scene.

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