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It's Official, Canadian Passport Now Ranked Most Valuable Passport In The World

When it comes to powerful passports, the Canadian Passport is up there with the best of them.

I mean, it’s Canada. The country whose main stereotype is that we’re nice. A country so beloved by all that travelers sew our flag on their backpacks so people don’t bother them. If there’s one passport that gets you access pretty much anywhere in the world, it’s a Canadian one right?

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Well according to the latest ranking of the most powerful passports, Canada is #6.

The ranking is done by calculating how many countries a certain passport gives you restriction-free access to.

#1 on the list is Germany with 177 countries. the Canadian passport on the other hand, grants access to 172 countries, so when you think about it, there's barely a difference in terms of mobility.

Plus, you can still access these countries, there's just a tiny bit more scrutiny when you arrive.

And don't feel too bad, because those countries aren't exactly the top tourist destinations in the world.

via @mrssamanthadean

However, when it comes to desirability, Canada is dominating the world right now.

Everyone wants to know how to become a Canadian. The night Trump got elected, so many people were looking for info on moving to Canada that the Canadian Immigration website crashed.

And with so many celebrities heading our way, more and more people are considering doing the same.

I mean c'mon, Snoop Dogg even asked Drake to help him move to Ontario. What more proof do we need?

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