It's Official, Construction In Montreal Won't Be Complete Until 2040

And that's only if we're super lucky.
It's Official, Construction In Montreal Won't Be Complete Until 2040

It seems as though the construction work in the last few months has been worse than ever before. You can't turn onto a street without facing road closures, detours, congestion, and the horrible noise of machinery that has become the city's unofficial soundtrack.

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TL;DR According to a report by Montreal's civil service from 2016, if the city were to triple its investments in city construction, the work would end around 2040. Less optimistic projections conclude that the city will never stop having massive construction work.

It's definitely far from ideal, but it's all to better the city, right? Although it seems never ending, the construction work is supposed to eventually end and we can all go back to our normal lives. 

Well, it's not that easy. In fact, things are actually worse than we ever imagined. It turns out a report was made by Montreal's civil service way back in 2016, although it was never released to the public. What this report contains is truly the stuff of a Montrealer's worst nightmare.

The report states that even if the city immediately tripled the amount of its total annual investment in major repairs and construction, Montreal's roadwork maintenance would end around year 2040.

And this was the optimistic scenario! It's terrifying to think you might not ever see a day without major construction taking over the city. It certainly seems that road closures and the constant noise of work sites have just become a fundamental part of the urban landscape! 

Even more apocalyptic is the realistic projection for Montreal construction completion. The city truly doubts that we'll ever actually catch up on necessary work if investments continue at the same rate.

The report's initial purpose, besides completely terrifying us, was to offer a five-year intervention plan to decision-makers for infastructure projects in the city from 2016 to 2020.

The report predicts that if Montreal were to actually start investing more (triple the amount of right now) then we might get caught up on all construction work in the downtown core by 2037, with outer boroughs being complete by 2047.

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Remember, this is the optimal outlook. Truth is, we probably won't ever see a day when construction isn't dominating city streets.

It seems entire generations will live their lives among ongoing infrastructure projects.

A very bleak future is awaiting us, Montreal. Only time will tell if construction work will ever end in the city.


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