It's Official, Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd Is In Montreal

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It's Official, Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd Is In Montreal

GUY THIS IS NOT A DRILL! We've been on watch for any celebrities spotted in the city this summer so that you can all be on the lookout for your favourite celebs and guess who we found?? 

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Yup, McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy is actually here in Montreal right now! 

via @patrickdempsey

He was recently spotted at a Bureau En Gros in the city and stopped to take a photo with the employee! 

If you religiously watched and re-watched all the old episodes of Grey's Anatomy like I did, this is insanely exciting news! The show is crazy addictive and I know how sad we all were when the best character in the show, Derek Shepherd, was killed off. 

The actor himself Patrick Dempsey is still around and he's just as dreamy as he was in the show!

via @patrickdempsey

He's reportedly in the city until the fall, so you have tons of time to go out and spot him! Maybe you'll even get a few pictures with him. 

Keep your eyes peeled people!

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