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It's Official, Diplo Is Coming To Montreal

Get ready for an unreal show!
It's Official, Diplo Is Coming To Montreal

Guys, I have some seriously exciting news to tell you.. Diplo is coming to Montreal this summer! Yup, you heard me right. One of the world's hottest new DJs/producers will be performing right here in Montreal. 

via @diplo

If you're not sure who Diplo is, some of his biggest hits are Lean On with Major Lazor and DJ Snake, Where Are You Now with Justin Bieber and Jack U, and Get Free with Amber Coffman.

via @diplo

He'll be performing at the official Osheaga after party at Montreal's New City Gas on Saturday, August 5th! It's going to be a seriously insane show that you definitely won't want to miss. 

via @diplo

Tickets will be going on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, July 26th at 4 pm! Don't miss your shot to see this unreal show! 

Buy your tickets here

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