It's Official, Fall Foliage Is Going To Be Terrible In Canada This Year

Canada has not had a good weather year.

First, extreme heat in July in Quebec led to the death of over one hundred people. Then, across the country, the combination of dry conditions and human negligence have produced historic wildfires.

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Entire neighbourhoods have been evacuated while ensuing smoke has led Environment Canada to issues dozens of air quality advisories. Now, the smoke has crossed the continent and is beginning to cover the skies in the eastern part of the country.

Unfortunately, it seems higher-than-normal temperatures are not going to relent anytime soon.

According to AccuWeather, a huge swath of southern Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes can expect warm weather through the fall season.

An extended period of warmth is hardly the worst news, however.

These higher temperatures, combined with dry conditions in the spring and early summer mean foliage in Canada is going to be terrible this year. 

Yes, the warm weather is even going to deny us a true autumn.

The higher temperatures will thwart any possibility of ideal foliage conditions, which include, also according to AccuWeather, mild daytime temperatures and frosty nights.

Dry conditions could also cause leaves to fall before they achieve their most brilliant colours.

For people in eastern Canada, this means we can expect a short fall and a quick launch into winter.

You should think about cancelling your leaf-peeping plans in favour of a more wintry adventure.

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