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It's Official, Gorillaz Are Coming To Montreal

It's Official, Gorillaz Are Coming To Montreal

YES! This is the best concert announcement we've gotten all year! 

I have been waiting on this patiently, feeling all the FOMO from not seeing their show at Festival D'ete Quebec, or in Toronto, or in NYC - honestly, I was prepared to travel for this one, and I missed it! 

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But that's okay! FOMO, be GONE! Gorillaz is finally coming through Montreal!

Today has been a big day for Gorillaz! After last year's return to music with their highly anticipated (and pretty stellar) record, Humanz, Daman Alburn confirmed that the digital animation supergroup is not going anywhere.

In fact, they had planned to release a follow-up record in quick succession, coming out in 2018. 

The other week, a weird website popped up that teased the 6th album from Gorillaz, but fans were left wondering when, and what, and how - basically every question was left unanswered. 

Today, all of that changed. 

Gorillaz officially announced the release of The Now Now, their 6th studio album, coming out in less than a month on June 29th! Hooray! They also dropped 2 brand spanking new tracks, too!

But that wasn't all - Gorillaz also detailed a North American tour, which includes Montreal! Thank, god! I would've been choked. To make things even better, Hip-Hop group The Internet is opening the gig! I see ya, Syd.

Here are all the details you'll want to remember:

What? Gorillaz, The Now Now Tour 

When? October 9, 2018 - show at 7:00 p.m.

Where? Bell Centre, Montreal

How Much? TBA 

At the time of writing this post, there was no confirmed price range for tickets announced - but I will update this as soon as I know, and trust me, I will find out asap!

Tickets will be available as of June 8th, at noon. 

Are you excited? Will you come out and celebrate Demon Days and The Now Now with these digital geniuses? Cause I will be there. With bells on. Probably fangirling like crazy to a projection. 

I. Am. Stoked. 

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