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It's Official, Hurricane Florence Is One The Most Dangerous Storms We've Seen In Over 60 Years

It looks as if hurricane season is in full swing right about now.

From tropical storms and hurricanes climbing up the coast, to the massive rainstorms we've started the week off with, it's starting to look a bit like an apocalypse right now.

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With the increasing worry that Hurricane Florence will be making it's way to Canada's Maritimes, we're really hoping for some sort of miracle that allows the storm to just skip us and dissolve completely. 

Unfortunately, it looks like things are taking a turn for the worst. It's been confirmed that the hurricane is one of the strongest the mid-east coast has seen since 1954.

That's 60 years ago!

Hurricane Hazel was the last storm to ravage North Carolina and other mid-eastern coast States. Considering it was almost a lifetime ago, not many people remember the catastrophe it left in it's wake.

At least 60 people were declared killed by the storm with some towns completely flooded and uninhabitable. You can see why there's so much fear spreading now that Florence is being compared to the past hurricane.

The category 4 storm is racing up the coast at speeds of 209 kph, likely to enter Canada by the end of the week. So far, the storm has caused the death of at least 19 people in North Carolina and destroyed thousands of homes in it's path.

Hurricanes this bad are a lot more common in the south, such as in Florida. Considering this southern state on the east coast lies super close to the stretch of the Atlantic that creates these hurricanes, they've seen quite a bit more of these disasters than their northern counterparts.

As a major safety precaution over 50,000 people from North Carolina have already been evacuated from at-risk areas. Follow-up evacuations for another 250,000 are expected to come as the storm becomes more powerful.

Only time will tell if Canada's east coast will need to start evacuating for safer grounds as well. Considering Hurricane Florence is only growing stronger, let's just hope that these rainstorms are all we get. Stay tuned for more info.

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