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It's Official, Total Instagram "Likes" Are Starting To Disappear In Canada

After Instagram announced that it would begin testing posts without total like counts in Canada earlier this week, users have begun to notice numbers disappear.

The initiative is part of an effort to change Instagram culture — to make the social media platform more focused on content and less of a popularity contest.

These screenshots of posts from Justin Trudeau and Kylie Jenner demonstrate the new Instagram layout.

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[rebelmouse-image 26893010 photo_credit="MTLBlog" expand=1 original_size="750x827"] MTLBlog

Notice that posts still display "likes" from users' Instagram followers.

A click on "others" reveals a complete list of users who have liked an image but does not disclose total likes.

[rebelmouse-image 26893011 photo_credit="MTLBlog" expand=1 original_size="750x1078"] MTLBlog

This is just one of many features Instagram is introducing in a revamp of its platform.

Users will soon also be able to purchase items directly from the accounts of "influencers" who promote them.

Customizable filters are also on the way.

Previously, Instagram displayed a number before "others."

For more information on upcoming changes to Instagram, check out this article!

Reactions to the removal of total likes are mixed. 

Much of the feedback focuses on the lack of Instagram music in Canada.

What do you think of the changes to Instagram?

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