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It's Official, Justin Trudeau Now Ranked Most Powerful Leader In The "World"

In modern times, the most powerful person in the world has always been the President of the United States.

Trudeau is normally nowhere nearly that powerful, in fact he doesn't event appear on any list of the most powerful world leaders. Hell, he doesn't even rank among the top politicians in General.

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But now that Trump has been elected, things have changed in the English world. Combine that with the Brexit in Britain and all of Sudden, Trudeau jumps up a few ranks.

Trump may be President Elect, but he's not exactly beloved by all, and the truest form of power comes from having the support of the people.

Think about it, Trudeau actually seems like the only responsible English leader in charge right now.

And when you throw in the rest of the world leaders like Putin, you really start to realize that Justin Trudeau is the only responsible adult in charge.

He's definitely the only one that doesn't scare the shit out of me.

Nothing sums it up better than this tweet from @MikeCarlton01.

With Trump in Washington,Brexit in Britain and gutless Turnbull in Canberra, leadership of the Anglosphere must fall upon Justin Trudeau.

— Mike Carlton (@MikeCarlton01) November 9, 2016

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