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It's Official, Kim Kardashian Is Coming To Montreal

Kimye taking over the city.
It's Official, Kim Kardashian Is Coming To Montreal

Whenever I go to a concert and the singer say that they love Montreal, or that Montreal is the best city ever, I always wonder if they're telling the truth or if they say the same thing to every city.

Well if you've ever wondered whether celebrities love Montreal, look no further because we just got the ultimate celebrity endorsement.

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via @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian is officially coming to Montreal.

She didn't even need a reason to be come here.

via @kimkardashian

Kanye West is performing a concert at the Bell Centre tomorrow night (September 2nd) and according to Mélissa Paradis, when Kim was asked weather or not she was planning on joining her husband she simply said: "Of course I'll be there."

As if it was implied. Y'know, because Montreal is so awesome she'd be crazy not to come here.

via @kimkardashian

After all we've been pretty much invaded by Hollywood recently.

We gotJennifer Lawrence, Bruce Willis, Kit Harington, Dennish Quaid, and now Kanye and Kim!

Let the celebrity spotting ... begin.

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