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It's Official, Lana Del Rey Is Coming To Montreal

With Feist, Sting, and more artists.
It's Official, Lana Del Rey Is Coming To Montreal

Montreal, get ready to become mildly depressed through smooth melodies as the Queen of Ennui herself, Lana Del Ray, heads to the city. 

And Lana isn’t coming alone.

Joining the “pop noir” singer is Feist, Sting, Elvis Costello and more, with all of the artist coming to Montreal to perform at a gigantic Leonard Cohen tribute concert. 

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"Tower of Song: A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen," is going down at the Bell Center no November 6th, one day after Cohen died on November 7th, 2016. 

The tribute concert, which will see more musicians added to the setlist and even famous actors who will read some of Cohen’s poetry, is actually a part of the deceased artist’s last will and testament. 

Adam Cohen, son of Leonard, told Rolling Stone that his father laid out some specific instructions in the event of his death. One directive was that, if a public event were to be held to commemorate him, Leonard said it needs to be in Montreal. 

So the younger Cohen decided to do just that. And with a star-studded lineup that already includes the likes of Lana and Costello, you can bet it’s going to be a night to remember. 

Tickets for  Tower of Song: A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen will go on sale on September 23rd. 

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