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It's Official, Le Burger Week Is Taking Over Montreal This Fall

Juicy hamburgers. Juicy hamburgers everywhere.
It's Official, Le Burger Week Is Taking Over Montreal This Fall

Show of hands: Who here loves themselves a juicy, succulent hamburger? Everyone? Yeah, that seems about right. I'm sure your stomach would agree that nothing tastes quite as amazing as a delicious patty smothered between two soft buns and slathered in tasty, fresh toppings! 

Well, fellow burger fanatics, may your voracious appetites and greedy hands rest assured. Le Burger Week is back at it again this year to feed our need for glorious burgers that'll have us squealing, "GET. IN. MAH. BELLY!" all week long. 

Le Burger Week, presented by Saputo and being delivered by this year, is a week-long burger festival running from September 1 to September 7, 2018. Participating Montreal restaurants will have specialty burger meals on deck to duke it out for the much sought-after title of Best Burger!

Via Le Burger Week

You can sink your teeth into juicy concoctions whipped up by talented chefs all vying for your vote - and choose your favourite and see which Montreal restaurant reigns supreme at the end of the week with its delish, one-of-a-kind burger

Plus, if you're a Montreal restaurant wanting to participate, then you're in for some good news! Le Burger Week is still looking for restaurants to join the hype this year. Any restaurant wanting to participate in Le Burger Week can apply for free this year as a thank you for 7 amazing years of burger love, so don't miss out on this great opportunity to put yourself on the map and be sure to reach out ASAP!

But Le Burger Week isn’t just for us hungry Montrealers craving an awesome burger. This is an exciting chance for all Montreal eateries to register hereto showcase the gourmet meals they can assemble with a flame-grilled patty, too.

I don't know about you (well, actually, I kinda do), but I'm THOROUGHLY looking forward to this event! A one-week celebration all about trying different restaurants and stuffing my face with bomb-ass burger creations in the name of an awesome food competition? Uh yeah, that's my jam! Count me in. Every. Day. Of. The. Week. 

Via Le Burger Week

And although the official restaurant list isn't out just yet, if past contenders are any indication, then you already know the seventh edition of Le Burger Week is gonna be FIRE!

So round up a few friends on the first week of September and go around town grabbing mouthwatering burgers to figure out which Montreal restaurant has your heart (and tummy) during Le Burger Week 2018!

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Want to stay in the know with Le Burger Week 2018? Check out the official website, Facebook and Instagram to see which restaurants will be participating this year as more details become available!