It's Official, LeBron James Is Going Back To Play For The Cleveland Cavaliers

Photo cred - Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

ESPN is unabashedly a rotating advertisement for its own programming. Affectionately, the NFL/LeBron James channel. So this is breaking news if there ever was any when it comes to the NBA. is reporting that James is officially going back to play NBA basketball in his home state of Ohio for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here's a piece from written by LeBron that details his decision.

James' choice to go back has been pending for quite a few days now and the world finally has an answer.

He is back after a successful 4 seasons away with the Miami Heat where he made the NBA finals each year and captured 2 Larry O'Brien Championship trophies in the process.

How the Cavalier fans will accept him is still unknown, but anything is better than what they had before. One question lingers, what will the Cavs do with Canadian phenom draftee Andrew Wiggins? Try to fit him in with LeBron (they play the same position)? Trade him? Move to shooting guard?

Is this the right move?