It's Official, Minimum Wage Is Going Up In Quebec Tomorrow

Minimum wage workers, rejoice! Starting tomorrow, you will be receiving $0.50 more per hour, making the minimum wage in Quebec $12.50 per hour.

There is also an increase for those who are earning a "servers wage" - or other people who receive tips at their job. The increase here is only $0.25, but that means they will now be making $10.05 per hour. 

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The announcement was made in January of this year that some 288,000 workers would be receiving a wage increase this May 1st.

Quebec's employment minister caught some flak for the small increase from union workers when the announcement was made earlier this year, but a small increase is at least better than no increase at all. 

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The CSN Vice-President, who spoke with Global News at the time of the announcement, noted that when Ontario increased their minimum wage to $14 an hour, "there were no job losses, people didn't quit school, so this didn't harm the job market in Ontario." 

Last May, the Liberal government increased the minimum wage by $0.75, from $11.25 to $12.00, an increase that Global News notes as the greatest increase in the province's history.

People who pick raspberries and strawberries will also get a wage increase starting tomorrow! According to Global News, raspberry pickers will now get an extra $0.15 per kilogram and strawberry pickers will get an extra $0.04 per kilogram.