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It's Official, Montreal Bars Open Till 6am To Start In June

Party literally all night long.
It's Official, Montreal Bars Open Till 6am To Start In June

Photo cred - Richard McGuire

Best news of the year? Hell ya, now let's drink a beer!

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre announced today that the pilot project testing out bars and restaurants open till 6am is a go and will start mid June 2014.

Important facts

-Drinking till 5:30am will game on.

-19 Bars and restaurants will take part

-Trial period from June 12th to July 5th

List of all the bars

  • Le Bistro à Jojo, 1637 Saint-Denis
  • Point Bar, 2017 Saint-Denis
  • Café Hookah Lounge, 1699, Saint-Denis
  • Bar Passeport, 2037 Saint-Denis
  • Pub L'Île noire, 1649 Saint-Denis
  • Pub L'Abreuvoir, 403 Ontario Est
  • Loup-Garou, 1738 Saint-Denis
  • Bar Diablos, 1693-A Saint-Denis
  • En cachette, 1765, Saint-Denis
  • Le Saint-Bock, 1749 Saint-Denis
  • L'Amère à boire, 2049 Saint-Denis
  • Pub Quartier latin, 318, Ontario Est
  • Ziggy's Folies, 1470 Crescent
  • Burger Bar Crescent, 1465 Crescent
  • Bar Électric Avenue, 1476-A Crescent
  • Bar Seven, 1432 Crescent
  • Bar Winnie, Pub Winston Churchill, Cellier Karina, 1455-59-61-65A Crescent
  • Xotica, 1466-A Crescent
  • Club Extreme, 2020 Crescent

How excited are you now?


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