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It's Official, Montreal Breaks "Record" For Best Tourist Season In 20 years

You won't even guess how many millions of people have already come to the city.
It's Official, Montreal Breaks "Record" For Best Tourist Season In 20 years

Tourism in Montreal is on the rise and that can only mean good things for our city. It means people enjoy coming here, it means we have a plethora of fantastic events and attractions that attract visitors (and keep us entertained as well) and it means more money is being spend here. Montreal hasn't seen a tourist season this busy since 1995. Nineteen ninety motha fuckin' five! To give you example of how long ago that was, think about this: That was the year of the Oklahoma city bombing, the year of the referendum, the year OJ Simpson was found to be innocent and the year Toy Story 1 came out (I debated between mentioning Toy Story, Jumanji or Batman Forever).

It's safe to say that tourism is thriving here but that's not all, business travel is also up this year turning us into a new hub for conferences and business meetings. This increases our hotel booking rates by 48%. Not only was our total hotel occupancy levels up (about 80%) but the rates are up as well meaning revenues grew by more than 10% since last year.

But the best news of all is the fact that more people world wide are searching for information about Montreal online. The increase is so significant that the next 3 years are predicted to be very successful which means our tourist numbers will continue to rise and Montreal will continue to thrive. Isn't nice to get some good news every once in awhile?


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