It's Official, Montreal Fvcked Up Cleaning Up All The Ice & Snow This Month

Photo cred - @crunchtimelover

Walking (or driving) literally anywhere in Montreal for the last few weeks has been, for lack of a more eloquent phrase, the mothertrucking worst. Ice Storm 2015 may have been "not so bad" compared to winters of yesteryear, but the effects (namely icy roads + sidewalks) are still felt today, basically because the city's snow/ice removal has been horrendous, and city officials agree.

An auditor report zeroing in on the snow removal operation between January 2nd to 9th, so the days following the ice storm, performed by the City of Montreal has officially declared that a really shitty job was done, just not in those words.

Not that we really needed a report to tell us that. The mass amounts of people heading to the hospital due to ice-related injuries and the general lack of safe sidewalks (with people falling all the time) said it for us.

Photo cred - @stevewalsh

According to the document 6 Montreal boroughs did a particularly awful job. The Southwest, Anjou, Montreal-Nord, Ahuntsic-Cartierville, La Salle, and 'Île Bizard-Ste-Geneviève were all specifically called out, while the Plateau got a dishonorable mention as well.

Even Denis Coderre agrees, having stated yesterday that Montreal needs city-wide standards when it comes to ice/snow removal, and not leaving it up to the individual borough, reports CBC.

But the report only covers a small part of what has been a pretty awful month for pedestrians and car-drivers in the city alike. Recent melting and re-freezings have made the streets and sidewalks dangerous once more. Just because we didn't have a giant ice storm doesn't mean snow removal folks can take a break or not get criticized.