It's Official, Montreal Gas Prices Have Never Been Higher

A pretty penny per litre.
It's Official, Montreal Gas Prices Have Never Been Higher

There's never been a better time to bike to work/school or take public transit. 

Not only is traffic congestion going to be extra bad in the coming weeks, but the monetary cost of taking a car has never been higher thanks to escalating gas prices. 

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After steadily increasing over the last week, gas will cost you about $1.42 per litre at stations on the island of Montreal.  That's an increase of 23.4 cents from last year's average. 

And according to, this is the most expensive gas has been in Montreal since 2014. 

Gas stations off the island are somewhat cheaper, notes CBC, an important bit of info for anyone driving into Montreal. 

A heat map of gas prices from GasBuddy showcases Montreal's higher gas prices in comparison to other areas, which you can see below. 

Montreal gas prices are also ahead of the national average. That's mainly due to the prairie provinces, however, where gas prices are remaining relatively low in comparison to Canada's east and west coast. 

The closure of oil refineries in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey is cited as the main reason for escalating gas prices in Montreal, and across North America. Here's hoping the prices don't get any higher. 

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